What is a Nazarene?

 The name is a little different. We get it. 
  1. What's with the Name Nazarene?
    Our church is part of a denomination called "The Church of the Nazarene." As of 2015 there are 2,400,000 + members meeting in 29,945 churches scattered across 159 countries all over the world.
  2. What does "Nazarene" Mean?
    Jesus was referred to as "The Nazarene," in Matt 2:23, Mk 10:47, Lk 24:19, Jn 18:5 & 7, and in the book of Acts (2:22, 3:6, 4:10, 6:14, 22:8). We are a Church belonging to Jesus the Nazarene. "It was the name that Christ used of Himself, the name which was used in derision of Him by His enemies, the name which above all others linked Him to the great struggling, sorrow heart of the world. It is Jesus... to whom the world and its misery and despair turns, that it may have hope"- Joseph Widney
  3. What do you believe?
    We believe in the Trinity. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We believe in the complete truthfulness, and authority of the Bible above all other authorities. We believe salvation cannot be earned through good deeds, but is a gift from God by grace through faith. We believe that God intends for His people to be Holy, and that through the power of the Holy Spirit living in our hearts, we can be sanctified.
  4. Is there a website I can check out to learn more?
    Yes. WWW.Nazarene.Org/Articles-Faith
Here are some other helpful websites that give more information about what the Nazarene Church is all about